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In Italy, the right of women, gay, lesbians and transexuals are constantly violated,
the prejudices and the discrimination are dreadfully expanding, the violence toward the subjectivity's unconstrained by the predominant thoughts, endorsed as the only and natural one, is dangerously on the rise.
Due to a series of political social and economical circumstances, our country is going through a risky cultural regression. Trey are jeopardizing the most essential civil rights, and the dignity of million of citizens: homophobia, racism, intolerance instead of a pacific and respectful coexistence.
The Vatican is launching an ethical and integralist vicious campaign against all the people that are not conforming to their moral values.It is a true political campaign that is overruling the power of the parliament, captive to the rules of the most conservative and radical wing of the Catholic Church, which is transforming our democratic system in a theocratic one.The media are big part of the problem: 4 of the 6 major networks are controlled by the Berlusconi group, while the other 2 are bound to agreements with the Catholic Church; all the news programs have daily reporting of Vatican’s issues. Everyday there are attacks against homosexuals, abortion, civil unions, and self-determination that are stirring up hatred and intolerance, which are poisoning our society and liberty.Soon the pope will go to the European parliament, where, supported by the right wing, he will try to influence the EU’s policy. All this policy is prejudicial to the citizens’ freedom and dignity, to the respect and social peace, and challenges the democracy’s principle.It is the reason why we launch an appeal to all sensible and democratic people to participate to the Pride 2007, which will take place in Rome June 16. The reaction to the violation of our rights must be to send out, spread, and endorse this document that asks for the respect and the recognition of laicity’s principle and self-determination.  To subscrive Indirizzo e-mail protetto dal bots spam , deve abilitare Javascript per vederlo  This is a petition made by the Italian association -Facciamo breccia- founded in 2005 with the intend to spread knowledge and in support of a fight against the Vatican’s strong intrusion in the political, social, and cultural Italian affairs.« Facciamo breccia » represent most of the association of gay, lesbians, and transexual, feminists and unions, and, at large, people that are part of the secular movement and the radical left, and all the citizens that strongly believe in the respect and the recognition of the laicity’s of the civil State. www.facciamobreccia.org